New look, Easier Scheduling & Pet sitting!

We are have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make things easier for you :)

New Sixlegs logo

New Look

First things first — As most of you know we take immense pride in making our service personal to your needs. We also work with a number of buildings to be the pet concierge of choice. Our new look is reflective of this.

Pet Sitting

Sixlegs Pet Sitting

We have been piloting pet sitting for the last 8 months with a few clients in the area. We have done a few hundred appointments and have been able to tweak the service to cater to both of customer and pet sitters. This has been a very successful pilot and we are thrilled to bring this service to all customers. We currently offer 1 hour, 3 hours and overnight pet sits. Allows you the flexibility to get the same convenience and personalization that you are used, pets love it as they are in the environment that they are most comfortable in and our pet sitters are thrilled as they get to spend more time with the pets and make more working with us.

New Scheduling

Scheduling (Pets & Services)

To our clients that were on the pilot, thanks a ton for putting up with our scheduling screens. With the availability of new services and feedback from existing customers allow us to present to you a much easier and updated scheduling experience. It further reduces the friction while offering the same amount of convenience and personalization in a couple of taps.

More importantly clients with multiple pets can now with a single tap add or remove pets for a particular service. You also clearly know how much you are paying and how many appointments you are booking at a time. The initial feedback and has been great and we are thrilled to launch this to all customer.

Stay tuned more exciting announcements coming soon!

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